Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thinspiration Please!

Everybody who reads this...I want you to leave a comment with some thinspiration! I don't have nearly enough and I need something to stop me from eating!

Pictures of skinny women (or fat ones) reasons, tips, results, feelings, etc. I want it all! I need thinspiration right now because I CANNOT EAT!

I refuse!

hopefully going to not eat for a week....Maybe some soymilk or juice...but NO SOLID FOODS (if i can help it. I can't get caught though, so I will eat if my parents of friends make me)

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Please, give me some thinspiration!!


stay empty...


  1. I need thinspiration too, so I started a book to collect all of it I can--a 5 subject notebook (200 total pages) with sections for self assessments, what I've eaten (it helps so much to see in writing each little calorie), positive thoughts ("nothing tastes as good as thin feels", etc.), articles and lists of things to do, and a list for websites/blogs I need to be thinspired. :)

    If you need to pretend to eat, just unwrap some food, shove it down the garbage disposal, and leave the wrapper somewhere your parents will suspect you left it. Also, look in the pantry and cupboards and fridge if you can, while in view of your parents, and take food to your room--pitch it out the window or under the bed or down the toilet and bring the wrappers back later. Dirty dishes in your room or on the steps helps a lot.

  2. Agree with falling_starlight about keeping a book - I have quotes and pictures - thin & fat, as well as some of me looking disgusting!

    Have you heard of "Dance Your Ass Off"? I live in Australia and it just started tonight - now there is some thinspiration - the tag line is something like "watch them shake and rattle their rolls". God, if I was their size I would be embarrased to go out in public, let alone wear skimpy costumes and dance on tv.

    Good luck!

  3. I know everyone else in the ED world probably knows about this video, but I found it the other day and am finding it awesomely inspiring. It's by stevieinwonderland and it's here:
    My favourite shots are at 1:27, 2:06 and 2:20.
    It's just a nice reminder that this is actually possible and that I won't be stuck at this stupid weight forever.

    Hope the fast is going well! If not... just make sure that you don't freak out and binge because you've already failed. You haven't!! (I only say this because my fasts tend to end in a calorie laden binge-fest. I'm a lot stronger when I'm restricting. Hopefully I'll get to the fasting point soon!)