Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheat Days

Everybody's got to have them at some point. Well, maybe not the strongest of the strong, but I do anyway. And better to have ONE cheat day (aka eat normal) than to have a huge binge sometime later.

Today was a cheat day, and I actually don't feel too bad. It was all healthy, it wasn't like I had tons of junk food. And that should get my metabolism up and running for the next few days, which is going to be about 550 calories a day of yogurt and fruit and granola and things...along with tons of excercising. After that I'll fast for maybe three days, go back to the 'Organic Diet' and depending on my weight then I'll either continue with Organic Diet and fast again, or have another Cheat Day.

Today I was 115 again. Not bad, considering I ate. I'm also naturally blessed with a fast metabolism so it makes it easier to not gain weight when I eat, just stay around 115.

Along with the Organic Diet, I am going to start making sure I am healthy and clean and pure on the inside and out. That means becoming more obsessive and controlling over drinking eight cups of water a day, so I get nice skin AND flush out toxins. Also, my multi-vitamin everyday, obviously, and washing my face twice a day, brushing my teeth extra hard and flossing, mouthwash, etc. Maybe I'll start Yoga too, that's supposed to be relaxing AND a good way to burn calories and get fit. Also just trying to relax more. It's summer, and I really need to stop worrying about everything and just chill. Relax, calm down, and stick to a healthy organic LOW CALORIE diet. No more junk food for me until I've lost at least five pounds.

I pledge to treat my body with respect from now on, and then maybe it will cooperate when I try to lose weight. And I might be happier with a healthier life-style.

Thanks for listening guys!


stay empty...


  1. That's so good! It's smart that you decided to have a kind of healthy planned binge instead of having a crazed junk food one.

  2. Good on you! Much better (for the body and mind) to have a healthy "cheat" day than eating junk. I drink far too much diet coke, and I hate to think what that is doing to my insides, even though it only has 1 calorie.

  3. Hey "Empty", thx for the article. I cheated too through a whole weekend. But it's hurting me :( i can't purge and I couldn't just stop eating fat menus and super fat desserts :( in addition to that i didn't do any sport. So yeah, it's disgusting