Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party and Parents

The party was extremely difficult. I was surrounded by Cheetos, Doritos, Pizza, and Brownies. How much does the world hate me?

NOT TO MENTION that my parents have been getting on my case, asking me what I know about eating disorders, saying I've lost weight, buying me crap to eat. It's awful ESPECIALLY since I've been eating like a PIG and they have NO RIGHT to worry!!!!

AND my teacher brought my name up in a conversation about Ana. Someone told me about it.

WHAT???? WHY???? I am a healthy 115 pounds (thats my weight after the party; i only gained one pound thankfully!)

but I mean, why do they NOT notice when I'm fasting and shrinking down to 108, but then when I'm eating and 114 or 115, they notice notice notice.

Anyway I had to eat normal at the party, because I couldn't afford to have another person get on my case. So I consumed about 1000 delicious calories that I COULDNT EVEN PUKE!

They were delicious but added to the blubber that surrounds my stomach, legs, soft double chin, arms, EVERYTHING!

I must get them off. I'll go to the gym and bike for an hour and a half or so...its so much easier than running and tones your legs. Running burns more calories quicker and is ultimately better and maybe I'll run for fifteen minutes or so, but I enjoy biking more. I can bring a book and read!

must go now...right away


stay empty....

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  1. Why the hell was this teacher talking like that about you? That's just really immature. Sorry things are going like this for you.