Thursday, July 9, 2009


First off, thank you Cat for your comments. I agree it was totally inappropriate and unprofessional for her to be talking about me like that.

Second off, today I am going to talk about what is ABSOLUTELY necessary so we do not die. If you die from Ana, then you were not strong enough. Being strong is finding the right combination; living with the disease but not dying from it. So here are some things to help you stay healthy AND skinny:

-WATER- we need water to survive. If you are scared of water weight, you're just stupid and you WILL die. It has zero calories, and drinking cold water BURNS calories. And since we get a lot of water in food, when we stop eating we get dehydrated. Dehydrated means DEAD. So drink up!

-Vitamins and Minerals. Take a muti-vitamin every day. I mean it. It can act as an appetite suppressent to reduce cravings, which is good in itself, but also if you want to look REALLY good, you need to be goreous AND skinny. The way to do this is get enough vitamins. They will keep your skin, hair, and teeth nice.

-Protein. You NEED protein, especially if you excercise. Some good protein sources with minimal calories are unsalted, unflavored almonds and other nuts. Also soymilk is a great source, and if you look at one of my earlier posts, called soymilk (June), you will see all the other great things soymilk does for you. I could live off soymilk (and at times I do!)

So those are the NECESSASRY THINGS. Obviously a certain amount of food is necessary too, but I'll let you guys figure that out on your own for now. Eat to live, but don't live to eat.

thanks again Cat for your comments!


stay empty...

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