Monday, June 29, 2009


God, I hate puking.

Actually, I hate the thought of it. I mean, I don't like DOING it either but it's not that bad.

But afterward you're like "oh i just stuck my middle finger down my throat a bajillion times until whatever food/drink I consumed in the past hour or so came up into the toilet bowl."

Not to mention all the super gross parts of it no one mentions....such as-

-the way food feels coming up your throat. The surging wave. Depending on what you ate and how long ago it's either warm and thick or cold and slimy. EW

-When it splashes in the water and sometimes splashes up on your arm or chest or whatever and it's like EW.

-The puke still on your finger since you have to have your finger down your throat WHILE it's being rejected from your stomach and hurled violently into the toilet bowl.

-Of course, the smell and taste....

But, here are some TIPS (not that anything will make this ANY easier) for those times when you just HAVE to puke (although try to as little as possible...the stomach acid is BRUTAL on your teeth and just in general it can mess up your body)

-Drink carbonated drinks during the binge. Diet Coke is my personal favorite but anything carbonated works too

-Color-code the binges. Eat cheetos first, or something with distinctive color or taste, so you know when you've thrown everything up.

Seriously though....puking will make your hair fall out, your skin awful, your throat hurt, and much much more....

just don't eat in the first place! :)


keep starving....

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  1. I purged both yesterday and the day before - each day I say I will just not eat, but that hasn't been happening. Can relate to exactly what you said, and I always get nosebleeds when I vomit, which is just great - vomit mixed with blood in the toilet is such a pretty site. It's a disgusting habit.
    Good luck.