Monday, June 29, 2009



Today I have had two glasses of soymilk. One for breakfast, one for lunch. I was going to do a water diet but as much as I want to lose weight, I REFUSE to let my teeth rot. I WILL get enough calcium from milk because I want a nice smile! Plus, soymilk has protein which gives me the strength to fast. And other various health benefits.

Soymilk is a life saver. Depending on my weight before 'dinner' I'll either have another glass of soymilk, or a glass of chocolate milk which has more calories BUT more fiber and protein.

If I'm under 115 I'll have chocolate milk. If not, soymilk again.

Soymilk is my new obsession. I just hope that the calories don't get too high. I mean, it's liquid so it can't be that bad right?

Maybe after a day or two of LIQUID diet (milk, juice, coffee, anything liquid) I'll do two days WATER diet. If I'm strong enough.

Todays weight: 116.


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